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Construction quality

Construction quality is high, from construction to building finishing works, which guarantees comfortable life for future residents.


External walls are built of thermal blocks 30cm width with thermal isolation 10cm width. Party walls between neighboring units are made of full bricks 25cm width.

Walls between apartments and hallways are made of thermal blocks 20cm width with thermal isolation 5cm width. Dividing walls between rooms are made of brick 12cm width.

Doors and Windows

Interior doors are made of veneered MDF in natural oak tone with magnetic locks, door casings are made of veneered MDF 8 cm width. Front doors are made of veneered MDF in natural oak tone, but they are also high quality security doors with 6 locks, made by reputable manufacturer. Windows are PVC five-chamber REHAU with GU fittings, low-emission double-layer glass k = 1.1, the interface between the panes filled with argon. Every opening for a window is equipped with insulation box, sunblind, and with I profiles for mosquito nets. Ground floor openings are made of aluminum with a final coating.


Tiles are from domestic or European producers, modern designed, with possibility to match tiles with interior design to customer choice. In the bathrooms tiles are installed on walls from floor to ceiling. Tiles in the kitchen are installed on the wall between base and wall kitchen cabinets. All sanitary ware products and taps are made by renowned manufacturers.


All rooms are with natural oak wood flooring. Floors at balconies are covered with non slip ceramic floor tiles. Building hallways stairs are covered with ceramic floor tiles, too.


Reinforced concrete slabs 20cm width are used to construct ceilings, which are covered with insulated ceiling boards 4cm width and cement screed 6cm width, combined with suitable floor layer (wood flooring or ceramic tiles).

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation layers of roof structure are made according to results of energy efficiency study. Thermo insulation layers width are from 5cm to 20cm depending on the part of the building structure.

Central heating system

There is consumption based billing, every apartment has own heating kit with calorimeter and thermostat which provides adjusting temperature and operating conditions.

Water consumption

Looking to the future we will install water meter reading units for every apartment, as preparation for the future change in method of consumption of water. Water meter unit calculates water consumption for each apartment.


There are 6 elevators for residents in building, 3 elevators for every side of a building (2 elevators to apartments and 1 elevator to underground garage). There is car elevator to Level -2 of underground garage whose entrance is from Tolstojeva street. Entrance to Level -1 underground garage is from building yard. All elevators in the building are made by reputable manufacturer OTIS.



The object is located in quiet residential area on boundary of two parts of the city - Grbavica and Liman 4, using the best of both.

  • Dom zdravlja Liman – 1 min
  • Banka/pošta/supermarket – 3 min
  • Vrtići i škole – 7 min
  • Limanska pijaca – 6 min
  • Limanski park – 10 min ili 2 min
  • Merkator – 12 min ili 2 min
  • Štrand – 4 min
  • Ribarac – 28 min ili 6 min
  • Autoput A1 – 12 min


The building is located in Krilova street, on the corner of Cara Lazara Boulevard and Hopovska street in Novi Sad, and there is great connection with all city areas.

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